Lufthansa FlyNet® – stay connected
Josephine A., mother of a daughter
With FlyNet® you are always close to those you love.
Even if you don't understand every decision your loved ones make, you still always want to know what is going on in their lives. Lufthansa FlyNet®, the first broadband internet access on long-haul flights, offers you this opportunity - even at 32,000 feet and, if you want, even on the smallest electronic devices. Enjoy the full freedom of communicating via the internet with Lufthansa FlyNet®.
Sandra L., queen of hearts
When you just can't find the words - with FlyNet® you can send picture messages.*
A picture paints a thousand words - and Lufthansa FlyNet® connects. So use your smartphone to show your feelings with a picture message*. To ensure that you enjoy a quiet and pleasant flight as always, placing phone calls has been technologicaly blocked.
Paul B., new dad
There are some things that just can't wait. That's why there is FlyNet®.
Sometimes things don't quite work out as you expected. And for those worst-case scenarios you should be reachable - day or night. That is why you are allowed to turn on your WLAN-enabled mobile phone at cruising altitude on long-haul flights with Lufthansa FlyNet® - so you can send and receive e-mails, for example*.
Michael O., rising star
FlyNet® - so that you can make the right decision at the right time.
There are some decisions that cannot be delayed. That's no problem - thanks to Lufthansa FlyNet®: just arrange for important documents to be sent to you on board. Thanks to the high transmission speed, e-mails will reach you without delay, even with large file attachments. You can, of course, also send e-mails via your WLAN-enabled terminal. It is even possible to access your company's Virtual Private Network (VPN). So if you want to, you can make the best use of your time in the aircraft - just as if you were in the office.
Peter Z., lucky devil
Good news!
Whether it's business or personal, you would ideally like to receive good news immediately. Now with Lufthansa FlyNet®, you no longer have to wait until you land. As soon as the aircraft has reached cruising altitude, you can send and receive e-mails on your WLAN-enabled device easily and without time delays - even with large file attachments. Whether or not you want to stay reachable, FlyNet® offers you extra opportunities to spend your time on board exactly the way you wish.
Andy & Frederic, team players
With the FlyNet® portal you are always on the ball.
Nothing is as old as yesterday's news - and almost nothing is as important as the goal that has just been scored. During your next long-haul flight with Lufthansa, the free FlyNet® portal will keep you up to date. Whether you are interested in business, politics, sports or society - you will always find the latest news here via your WLAN-enabled device.

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Lufthansa FlyNet® – stay connected